Granting root access to one’s own brain.

We’re a team of neuroscientists, software developers, and musicians who aim to give you unparalleled control-of-self such as: eliminating anxiety, eliminating pain, installing a habit, killing an addiction, and boosting intelligence, in just a tap of an app.

With headphones alone we already can: significantly reduce anxiety, replace some opiates (Codeine and potentially Vicodin) for chronic pain, eliminate motion sickness in VR and self-driving applications, increase/decrease your heart rate, alter your memory retention, put you to sleep, and make you nauseous.

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Sounds like music, works like Nitrous Oxide to solve dental anxiety.

42% of patients will avoid the dentist this year, many due to fear. Fear-based patients: have 2-3x more up-front dental needs, visit more often, and are more loyal. Driftwood allows dentists to nearly double their TAM, increase patient quality, and take home more pay.

Visit the Driftwood website to learn more.

The sound therapy from the Limbic Group offers a comparably effective alternative to drugs or gas, with next to none of the possible challenges or downsides. Patients rave about the effectiveness of the therapy and we routinely get compliments on its implementation into our practice. I would highly recommend the use of this amazing technology in any dental practice. Doug Hudoba DDS, Premier Dental

Led by award-winning industry veterans

The art behind the brains: Lance Massey (CTO)

Lance is the 4-time Clio-winning T-Mobile ringtone composer, one of the top 3 sonic branding experts on earth, and full-stack Silicon Valley developer. Growing up, Lance had a vision: to have his work be played more than the Beetles. Little did he know he’d achieve it with T Mobile's iconic da-da-da-di-da and be branded by Maxim magazine as "The Most Annoying Man in the World". Lance takes Seth’s neurosensory algorithms and makes them a pleasure to listen to. Some of his past clients include NASA, BMW, and McDonalds.

The brains behind the science: Dr. Seth Horowitz

Dr. Horowitz is a former neuroscience professor at Brown University. With an IQ of 192 and decades of neuroscience research into aural stimulation, ecolocation, and the only man to acquire an allergy to bullfrong urine (bullfrogs give fantastic insight into hearing), Dr. Horowitz designs the neurosensory algorithms that help patients. His work has been awarded grants from NASA and the NIH and has been featured on NPR, Wired, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider. He is also the author of The Universal Sense: How Hearing Shapes the Mind.

The man who gets the customers: Michael Casey

Michael is the kind of guy who takes a great product and get's it in customers' hands. With 20 years of experience in the technology and healthcare sectors Michael excels at identifying and building strategic relationships to generate traction. Recognized as the top producing sales executive at MVP Healthcare. Most recently grew a privately held DSO from two locations, $1.6M revenue to 11 locations and $10.8M in revenue in 5 years.

The Emmy-winning music director: Katreese Barnes

Imagine reading on a resume: “Won an Emmy for ‘D*** in a box’”. With a career that’s included being the music director of Saturday Night Live, touring with Sting, directing music for NHL and ESPN awards, and winning two Emmys, Katreese knows music. She leads the creative team that brings the art to the science.

Mr. Silicon Valley: Garrett Dunham (CEO)

Born and raised in Silicon Valley, Garrett has seen it all and, if you’ve seen the show “Silicon Valley”, you essentially know him. He’s launched Singularity University and Prebacked startup accelerators, created one of the first 'hacker houses’ (hostel for nerds) which was mentioned front-page on the New York Times, and graduated from Cal Poly as Mechanical Engineer. He may also be the only person to lose a half-million dollar deal when the B-list celebrity girlfriend of his potential client couldn’t keep her shirt on.

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